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The Mad Knight can be the final boss on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level of the dungeon, or a smaller boss on the 5th level of the dungeon


The Mad Knight has two attacks.


The Mad Knight takes a second then lunges towards the player, updating his trajectory as he moves towards the player. This move closes gaps very quickly. It cannot be used successively and he must take time to charge between attacks. If the player is hit while The Mad Knight lunges they are slightly pushed back and take 1/2 heart of damage.

Summon Skeletal Warriors[]

The Mad Knight stops and summons 2 Skeletal Warriors randomly on the map. There can only be a max of 4 Skeletal Warriors on the map at any given time. If there are less than 4 skeletal warriors on the map, The Mad Knight will alternate between summoning and lunging, but if there is no space for more summons, he will use Lunge back to back until there is an open spot


The Mad Knight technically has two ways of moving. He moves very slowly between lunges which helps him slightly close the gaps on enemies. His better form of movement is his dash which dashes him about 1/3 of the way across the room, quickly closing the gaps on his enemies.