Never Split the Party Wiki

The Countess is always the final boss on the 5th level of the dungeon

The Countess


The Countess has 4 attacks

Summon Sprites[]

The Countess summons between 1 - 4 sprites randomly around her, that then target the player.

Dart Throw[]

The Countess throws 5 darts in a fan towards the player. Their short range makes them easily dodge-able at a medium range or with fast characters.

Summon Dark Orbs[]

The Countess summons 5 orbs, similar to the Water Witch that bounce around the room. They will block projectiles and are destructible.


The Countess can charge and then Punt a player like the Punter Enemy into another room. The Countess will always follow the player she punts into the next room.


The Countess has her Punt attack. She also moves in a diagonal pattern across the room, similar to the Water Witch. She is not impeded by Walls, or Gaps in the floors.


  • Although The Countess can move through walls and over gaps in the floor, she can still be blocked by pots. Good luck!