Never Split the Party Wiki

NSTP comes with a level editor to customize the room designs.

Running the Editor[]

To use it use the browse local files to navigate to the level editor. It's called Tiled and it's under the "Mod Tools/Tiled" folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Never Split the Party\Mod Tools

The game loads the .tmx files from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Never Split the Party\Rooms

Using the Room Editor[]

NSTP Room Editor

On the left is the layers. Each layer is a unique room design. You will need to toggle them on and off individually to edit each room design. To create a new room just duplicate an existing layer. We only use the tile layers, we do not use any of Tiled's collision or game object systems.

On the bottom left are the room properties. The optional "shape" custom property is case sensitive and sets where in the map the room design will be chosen. It effects how often the room design is used as well. The room designs will be flipped both vertically and horizontally to rotate a corner design to all corners.

These are the valid room shapes available. They are set on the layer properties in tiled. The property name must be "shape" and that is case sensitive. The values are not case sensitive.

  • Normal
  • WestBlocked
  • SouthBlocked
  • NorthSouthBlocked
  • WestEastBlocked
  • WestSouthBlocked
  • NorthWestSouthBlocked
  • WestSouthEastBlocked

Also in the room properties is the very important room type property. Sets a hidden/treasure/boss room etc.

On the right are the tiles for each placeable. The ones with the red dots, such as the pumpkin are larger than one block and the dot shows the anchor position of the object.

Room Design Guidelines[]

  • Do not block the center of the room.
  • Try to put a space between slimes or they become clumps.
  • Check the room report to ensure no neglected enemy types.
  • Higher levels should have less drops. No hearts just sitting around on 5.
  • Do not put swasticas or dick pics in the walls.
  • Skeleton wizards are very challenging. Do not use a ton in a busy room.
  • Do not wall the room into separate fights. 1 room should be 1 encounter. Never Split the Encounter

Use can the Cheats to playtest the new room designs fairly quickly. With cheats enabled you can press 1-7 to skip to a level with proper equipment. Thank use PageUp, PageDown, (shift to skip 5 I think) Home and End to skip between room designs.