Pumpkins come in two types for now: Pumpkins, and Fire Pumpkins. Both types are stationary ranged enemies. They can also be summoned by Pumpking but Fire Pumpkins can only be summoned on the Fourth floor.

Defualt Pumpkins

This pumpkin will appear on the first 3 floors, and no known secret rooms.


As mentioned, this pumpkin is stationary. The way it attacks is by shooting seeds at the player. It will shoot three seeds at the player with a pause of about 2/3 of a second in between each shot. After every third shot The pause will be much greater at around 3 seconds. The seeds have enough range to cross a room and can be fired in any direction.


The pumpkin has low health on account of being a pumpkin, at about 15 hp.

Fire Pumpkins

This type of pumpkin is considered more difficult than the defualt, and can only be found on the last two floors. 


This pumpkin is also stationary and will shoot fireballs at the player. The pumpkin will shoot 4-5 fireballs which will stay in place when they hit something. However, they can only shoot in four directions: up, right, left, and down. They will shoot 5 groups of fireballs with a pause of about a second in between. after every fifth shot they will have a longer cool down of about 3 seconds.


The fire pumpkin has the same health of the defualt one, at about 15 health.

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