Potions are randomly generated consumables which spawn in the dungeon. They can drop after killing an enemy, clearing a room, breaking a pot, or by a familiar (such as the potion salesman). These potions listed are all the options available

Potion Table
Light Green
Light Brown
Forest Green
Light Blue
Bright Green
Dark Purple
Blood Red

Warning: Potions color is randomly determined upon creation, thus the color of a potion has no bearing on its effect.

Potion Cheat Sheet (by LazyGazelle)
Good Bad
Vigor: Health Up Lethargy: Health Down
Strength: Damage Up Limitation: Range Down
Quickening: Bullet Speed Up Weakness: Damage Down
Haste: Speed Up Latency: Bullet Speed Down
Blitz: Attack Rate Up Sloth: Speed Down
Entry: Doubles Keys Abeyance: Attack Rate Down
Molotov: Doubles Bombs Refusal: Lose All Keys
Wealth: Doubles Money Foiled Plot: Lose All Bombs
Vision: Reveals the Current Map Destitude: Lose All Coins
Vitality: Full Health Teleportation: Teleports You to Random Room
Defense: Spawns 2 Armor Nitroglycerin: Spawn 12 Live Bombs

*Please be aware that the potions being good or bad are completely subjective and can be used vice versa depending on your intention.

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