Never Split the Party Wiki


There is actually only one type of ghost in the game right now called the Ghast. The Ghast has one attack and one other property.


The way it attacks is shooting out 5 ghostly pullets that not only move away from the Ghast but also swirl around it. It will only attack if it has a clear shot where it can see a player. If there is a well in between it will not attack. However the bullets it shoots are piercing to it only needs to see the player once, then it will fire. Going behind a wall will not protect you, you will have to just dodge the bullets.


The Ghast will teleport around the room after every attack. The Ghast can teleport to any free spot in the room it will not land on any kind of block or trap. eg: spike traps, walls, pots, chests, etc.


the Ghast has around 15-20 health