How do I start a game without other players?

It's more fun with friends, but you can still start a game by yourself using either of these two methods:

  • Press the chat key ( T by default ) and enter the following command:
/server.minplayers 1
  • Press the console key ( ` by default, ~ without holding shift ) and enter the previous command without the slash:
server.minplayers 1

After entering the command, you can press 1 to start the game solo.

How do I unlock the other classes?

Buy the DLC.

What is a roguelike? Why do I lose all my items when I die?

A roguelike is a video game that is characterized by permanent death of the player character, procedurally-generated levels, and tile-based graphics. They are also usually turn-based but this game is not.

Is there an art/press kit available?

Yes, there is an art kit. It contains the game’s logo, key art, icons, fonts, and GUI elements.

Can I stream or make videos of the game?

Yes. You are welcome to stream and post videos of the game as much as you’d like. Please post your stream link or YouTube videos to the #promotion channel on the Discord server and on the Steam Community Hub so that we can check them out.

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