How do I start a game with less than 4 peopleEdit

Bear in mind that the game is made with a party of 4 in mind. To start a game by yourself you have two options:

  • Press the chat key t by default and then type in the command /server.minplayers 1
  • Press the console key ` by default and then enter the command server.minplayers 1

After running either of these 2 commands the you can press 1 to start the game in solo mode

How do I unlock the other classes?Edit

Buy the DLC.

What is a roguelike? and why do I lose all my items when I die?Edit

A roguelike is a genre of game that in basic terms means death is permanent and you have to start from the beginning again you lose all your items and money of course and need to try do better next time or pray on the RNG if you want a detailed description of roguelikes please read this

Is there an art/press kit available?Edit

Yes. It’s available at Never Split the Party Art Kit. It contains the game’s logo, key art, icons, fonts, and gui elements.

Can I stream or make videos of the game?Edit

Yes. You are welcome to stream and post videos of the game as much as you’d like. Please post your stream or youtube videos to the #promotion channel on the Discord and on the Steam Community Hub so that we can check them out.

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