Never Split the Party Wiki

Use commands either by typing "/" (without double quotes), followed by a command or variable or using the in-game config, which can be brought up by hitting the "~" (tilde) button.


  • /help: Show available commands
  • /vars: Show available variables
  • /wait: Wait for next frame or level
  • /exec: Executes command from file
  • /stuck: Sends you back to the start of the overworld.
  • /steamresetachievements: Resets your steam stats and achievements. Used for testing. Usage: /SteamResetAchievements Sure
  • /connect: Connect to a server. Default address:, Default port: 1701. Usage: /connect [addresss] [port]
  • /netgraph: Toggles showing of the network stats graph.
  • /hudtoggle: Toggles showing of the HUD.
  • /chant: Chant emote.
  • /dance: Dance emote.
  • /fall: Fall emote.
  • /happy: Happy emote.
  • /hurt: Hurt emote.
  • /jump: Jump emote.
  • /no: No emote.
  • /ready: Ready emote.
  • /sad: Sad emote.
  • /shock: Shock emote.
  • /sit: Sit emote.
  • /wave: Wave emote.
  • /yes: Yes emote.
  • /level: Show level design info
  • /b: Broadcast a message.
  • /quit: Shutdown the game and exit. Usage: quit [now]
  • /who: List connected players.
  • /localize: Gets the latest language translations from the internet.
  • /netstatus: Prints the current network status.
  • /memory: Prints the current memory status.
  • /steamservers: List steam servers.

Cheat Commands:

  • /cheater: Activates cheat mode
  • /boss: Sends you to the boss room
  • /treasure: Sends you to the treasure room
  • /hidden: Sends you to the hidden room
  • /shop: Sends you to the shop room


  • /config.showlastline = 0
  • /console.alpha = 0.9
  • /server.bindaddress =
  • /server.minplayers = 1
  • / =
  • /server.welcome =