Never Split the Party Wiki

"High Health"

One of the two free classes available for free in the game

Starts with 4 Hearts.

Has the rechargeable ability to heal themselves.

The heal ability takes 4 room clears to recharge

The heal ability takes 3 room clears when used with the Broken Mirror

During the class selection screen, the upgrades that you can choose from may be blurred out, however it doesn't mean that you cannot use them (it's because of an old system that they used to have, that they never fixed). You can unlock these upgrades by leveling up your character's class, by playing the game in that class. 

(Unfortunately, the upgrades don't have individual pages. You can do ctrl+f to search for each item after clicking on their links)

At level 5: Unlock "Scroll of Discovery" This ability will teleport you randomly to the starting room, a shop, a secret room, or a treasure room. It's a rechargeable item. This item WILL REPLACE YOUR HEAL ABILITY. It is not advised to choose this ability unless you have a certain strategy in mind, utilizing this ability.

At level 10: Unlock "Raseeds Turban" This item will charge your ability when you are struck. It is possible to obtain another Raseeds Turban during your playthrough, causing you to nearly instantly (if not instantly) get your ability once struck.

At level 15: Unlock "Group Heal" This ability will heal every person in the room for one heart. It is a rechargeable ability, and require you to clear 6 rooms to recharge.

At level 20: Unlock "Stone Cutter"This ability will create the stairs to go to the next level. This ability can only be used once after you use Stone Cutter, the ability will disappear, and the stairs to the next floor will appear. If you use the ability during the lobby floor (floor 0), you will go to the first floor **CAUTION** this wastes your ability, and you wont be able to use the ability in the actual dungeon, as you had just wasted it on floor 0. If this is used on the final boss floor (floor 5), the ability will be consumed and no stair will be created (as there is no floor 6). It is recommended to only use the Stone Cutter after you have already found the treasure room, although this isn't necessary.

Base Stats Values
Speed 64
Damage 8 - 10
Attack Rate 21
Bullet Speed 55
Range 40
Level 20 (Maxed) Stats Values
Speed 69
Damage 9 - 12
Attack Rate 23
Bullet Speed 59
Range 45